Rat Creek Construction is certified to design and instal onsite septic systems.  We are a proud member in good standings with the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association.  Rat Creek has a commitment to provide the best possible system to treat the sewage at your location to the highest level possible before being discharged to the environment.  Sewage treatment is becoming a huge industry as the negative affects of improper sewage discharge are being discovered.  Sewage that is not treated properly is a hazards to the environment, and as legislation is starting to demand that people bring their sewage treatment systems up to code, now is the best time to talk to an expert about what you need in order to be in compliance.  Legislation states that all new constructions that produce sewage must have a sewage treatment system that treats the sewage to an acceptable level before being discharged.


Some of the systems and system components that Rat Creek can design and instal include Septic Tanks, Holding Tanks, Settling Tanks, Dose Tanks, Equalization Tanks, Package Treatment Plants, Sand Filters, Gravity Distribution, Pressure Distribution, Timed Dosing, Demand Dosing, Treatment Mounds, Sand Mounds, LFH At Grades, Treatment Fields, Chamber Fields, Sub-surface Drip Dispersal and Irrigation, Trench Fields, Open Discharge, Lagoons, Pumps and Controls, and Over Flow Alarms.  Rat Creek can supply all parts / components and also offers maintenance services.  Some maintenance services include diagnosing failed systems, repairing failed systems, septic tank over flows, back ups, ground water mounding, water / sewage surfacing, broken or cracked tanks or pipes, cleaning, changing pumps, and adjusting the controls.


Every system is unique to the location and the sewage that it will be treating so a site visit is required to determine the complexity, size, components, and cost of what is needed.  If you have any problems with your existing system or require the construction of a new system please do not hesitate to consult the expertise of a trained Rat Creek employee for a free site visit and quote.