Rat Creek Construction, formerly based out of Mackay, Alberta and owned by Sid Delano offered mainly dozer and scraper services through out Alberta from 1958 till Sid passed away in 1977.  It is said that Rat Creek Construction coined its name from the location of Sid’s first job, which is supposedly located down the Carrot Creek Tower Road, at Rat Creek Ranch.  In 1975 Sid bought a Caterpillar D8K from R. Angus, which was the first brand new machine added to the Rat Creek fleet.

39 years after Sid passed away, the Rat Creek company has been re incorporated by Sid’s youngest grandson, Damon Auriat.  Damon has since greatly expanded the companies scope of work and array of equipment, but the companies core values of community, family, and high quality work for a fair price have not changed one bit.  Damon has a dream of being a big kid in a real world sand box.  His passion for heavy equipment has lead him to strive to take advantage of the maximum capabilities of his machines to achieve the highest level of efficiency and quality of finished work to benefit the customer and the environment.  Looking forward, Damon would like to expand the Rat Creek working area as well as the scope of the jobs completed.